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The benefits of zeolite in farm or companion animals influence the reduction of ammonia odors, reduction of binding toxins when added to animal feed, manure or in aqueous solutions.

  • Promotes barns and stable environments that are clean and safe;

  • Increases growth rates;

  • Improves food conversion rates;

  • Absorbs toxic elements from the animals' digestive tracts;

  • Improves the digestibility of fibrous foods;

  • Prevents soft stools, diarrhea, virus infections and diseases;

  • Reduces digestive stress in several animals;

  • Increased weaning survival rates;

  • Facilitates the absorption and retention of essential nutrients, including calcium (Ca), potassium (K), sodium (Na) and zinc (Zn);

  • Controls fly populations by absorbing excess moisture in manure;

  • Absorbs stool odors;

  • Prevents hardening in rations;

  • Classified as GRAS (generally considered safe) for animals and humans;

  • Non-toxic and safe for the environment

Besides that; Zeolita Clinoptilolita increases the density of the bolus, decreasing the speed of gastrointestinal transit, improving the fecal score and ensuring greater digestion, absorption of nutrients and consequently increased zootechnical performance. Another potential of Zeolita Clinoptilolita is to act as a binding agent in the pelletizing and extrusion processes.

Benefits per class of animals:



galinha sem fundo.png


  • Increases egg laying capacity

  • Increases the hardness of eggshells

  • Higher number of gradable eggs

  • The increases in weight gain, maturity and appearance that puts

  • Filtration of water wash egg white through granulated zeolites removes solids and bacteria.


  • Increases milk production in dairy cows

  • Promotes growth in calves by reducing diarrhea and stimulating appetite

  • Weight gain gain

  • Reduces cases of liver abscesses

  • Rumen buffering increases by pH stabilizer levels

  • Improves feed digestion

  • Increases growth and shortens finishing time

  • Reduces the occurrence of diarrhea

  • Promotes increased growth rates

  • Reduces methane emissions


  • Absorbs moisture and creates a dry environment in the bays

  • Reduces hull problems

Tilapia and Shrimp

tilapia sem fundo.png
  • Increases water quality and clarity

  • Increases access to nutrients by removing toxins

  • Absorbs toxic gases including hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and methane (CH4)

  • Increases dissolved oxygen (DO) pond water content - stabilizes water pH levels of organic neutralization waste

  • Removes ammonia and heavy metal cations

  • Promotes fish and shrimp growth

  • Restricts the growth of bacteria and bluish green weeds

  • Increases the sedimentation of the solids suspension

  • saturated zeolite can be reused as a soil alteration

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